Regional Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB)

The Town is part of a Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. The Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) is a quasi-judicial board established under the Municipal Government Act by the participating municipalities. The SDAB hears appeals on decisions made by the subdivision authority or development authority of the participating municipalities and renders decisions based on the evidence presented as part of the hearing process. 

The Regional SDAB is made up of citizen members who are independent of the planning and development departments or committees whose decisions may be the subject of an appeal. The SDAB makes decisions in an impartial manner and applies the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness in its conduct of hearings. This includes the right to a public hearing, the right to be treated fairly, the right of affected parties to be heard, the right to an adjournment to be adequately prepared where merited, and the right to legal counsel and representation. 

For more information please visit Parkland Community Planning Services website.