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Accidental High Water Usage

Three Hills provides financial assistance to single-family residential customers who receive a high water/wastewater utility bill as a result of a water leak or plumbing failure within the property.

 An extension for paying water and wastewater bills will not be provided because of a pending adjustment request. Residents are advised to pay the full amount of the accidental high-water bill within the normal payment period while your adjustment request is being investigated for the accidental high-water bill amount to remain in good standing on all current billings.

 A copy of the Domestic Utility Relief Program can be found here.


Under the policy, an accidental leak is defined as an unintentional water loss caused by broken and/or malfunctioning plumbing fixtures and/or pipes within a residence or building. To be eligible for the Town’s accidental water leak adjustment:

  • This application was submitted within 20 days of the utility bills being issued
  • This is for a residential or not-for-profit property (note – income generating properties are not eligible)
  • The account is in good standing
  • The property was not vacant for the 72 hours preceding the loss
  • Water consumption exceeds 3 times the 12-month average and is greater than 40 cubic meters (the Town can assist with this calculation)
  • The issue is explainable (the Town does not provide relief for unexplainable water losses)
  • The issue has been repaired or corrected (receipts or proof may be required)
  • There hasn’t been a relief adjustment at this location in the last 5 years  


  • Make sure the issue is corrected/fixed
  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria above
  • Fill out the Water Bill Adjustment Request form and submit it to the Town
  • Pay your bill as normal (approved request will show up on future bills)

 The Town will review the application and apprise you of the results. Please note, if the form is not completed in full, or does not contain all the necessary attachments as deemed satisfactory by the Town, the request will be returned to the customer.


Adjustments will be based on 50 percent of the water and wastewater consumption amount exceeding the average of the similar period from the previous year. The adjustment will appear in the form of an account credit up to a maximum of $750. No refunds will be provided.