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Business Licences

Who Needs a Business Licence?

Unless otherwise provincially or federally exempt, any business, trade, profession, industry, occupation or anyone providing goods or service in the Town of Three Hills is required to hold a valid Town of Three Hills Business Licence. 

All home based businesses need approval from the Development Officer and or the Municipal Planning Commission. 

What are the Steps in Getting a Business Licence?

  1. Check with the Town of Three Hills to determine if your proposed business and location are approved under the existing Land Use Bylaw.
  2. Complete the necessary Development Process if required.
  3. Print your Business Licence Application or stop into the Town Office to pick one up.
  4. Submit your completed application to the Town of Three Hills for Approval.
  5. Once you receive approval you can begin operating your new business.

Rates & Fees

Located in Town limits
$   75.00
Resident First Year
For new businesses located in Town limits
$   37.50
Home Occupation
Located in Town limits (for additional requirements)
$   75.00
Local Non-Resident
Within Kneehill County
$ 100.00
Outside of Kneehill County
$ 150.00
Temporary (One Job)

$   50.00
Not for Profit

No Charge