Once you have filed your nomination form and your candidate’s acceptance, there are several things to remember as you campaign to Election Day. 

How do I Campaign?

There is no "standard” in campaigning when it comes to municipal elections.  A candidate’s campaign style will want to match the uniqueness of the municipality to the candidate’s personality and available resources. 

The purpose of campaigning is to convince the electors that you are the best candidate for the position of Mayor or Councillor for the Town of Three Hills. Some various strategies used, include but not limited to: 
  • Door-knocking;
  • Signage
  • Brochures or posters;
  • Social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or websites; and 
  • Host a meet and greet event. 
Is There Anything I Cannot Do During a Campaign?

There are a variety of offence provisions included in the  Local Authorities Election Act; candidates are encouraged to review and understand all offence provisions in the Act.


When campaigning, candidates or their official agents or volunteers cannot give, or promise to give, money or any other valuable consideration (such as an office or job) to anyone in return for their vote, or to agreeing not to vote. 

In addition, and elector or resident of the municipality cannot accept money or any other valuable consideration in return for voting or not voting during an election. 

Undue Influence

As a candidate, you cannot use, or threaten to use, violence, injury, damage, or intimidation to compel a person to vote or refrain from voting at an election.  You cannot obstruct the voting process or obstruct a person from accessing a voting station to vote during an election.

Canvassing on Election Day 

Candidates, official agents, or campaign volunteers cannot canvass or solicit votes in or immediately adjacent to, a voting station on Election Day.  In addition, campaign materials (posters, pins, signage, etc.) cannot be displayed or distributed inside or on the outside of a building used as a voting station. 

Political campaign signs, are a Temporary Sign as per the Town of Three Hills  Land Use Bylaw 1398-17 Section 8.7.11., and as such:

Temporary signs may be permitted provided that: 
  • the sign does not disrupt pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk;
  • the area of the sign does not exceed 0.6m (2.0 feet wide) by 0.9m (3.0 feet high); 
  • the sign is removed on a nightly basis;
  • no temporary sign shall be permitted within road right-of-way; and
  • signs must be constructed of a material such that a rigid frame is provided.
When distributing election campaign materials or literature, you cannot use the Town of Three Hills logo on any campaign materials; or post signage on electric lights, stop signs, or telephone poles and trees, or on private property without the consent of the 
landowner, or on Town property.