Who can ask for a recount? 

The returning officer may call for a recount of the votes cast at one or more of the voting stations if: 
  • a candidate or official agent or scrutineer shows grounds that the returning officer considers reasonable for alleging that the record of the result of the count at any voting station is inaccurate; 
  • the returning officer considered that the number of valid ballots objected to or rejected ballots other than those on which no vote was cast, was sufficient to affect the result of the election; or 
  • the returning officer is of the opinion that there may have been an administrative or technical error that may have caused an error in the count of votes.
When can a recount happen? 

An application for a recount may be made within 44 hours immediately following the closing of voting stations on Election Day.  No applications for recount will be accepted by the returning officer after the prescribed 44 hours has passed. 

How will I know if a recount is happening? 

If the returning officer calls for a recount they must, within 12 hours of the recount, notify any candidates who may be affected and those election officers that the returning officer deems necessary to conduct the recount.