Garbage Collection

Garbage CollecitonResidential Waste Collection Schedule:
Main Street & North - Thursdays
South of Main Street - Wednesday
The Town of Three Hills collects garbage on the same scheduled days of the week year-
round with the exception of statutory holidays. 
To keep Three Hills the beautiful place it is to live, please ensure that all household garbage is securely bagged and tied, and the weight of any bag or waste receptacle (and its contents) does not exceed 22 kilograms (50 pounds).   The waste receptacle for collection on the street should be placed in such a manner that it will not overturn.
Each residential property is allowed 3 bags per week.  Waste that exceeds 3 bags will not be collected unless the bag(s) has the appropriate prepaid tag attached.  Tags are available at the Town Office.   Garbage must be out for pickup by 8:00 am on the scheduled date of collection.
Summer Back Alley Collection:
The Town of Three Hills provides back alley waste collection for the Town residents and business owners during the summer season.  Resumes June 1, 2018 (Weather Pending)
Winter Front Curb Collection:
The Town of Three Hills provides front curbside garbage pick during winter months until the back alleys are cleared and dry. Residents will be notified each season of the date of service change.

This decision to temporarily move garbage collection to the street is due to the size of our garbage truck, which is compounded in the winter with less room to maneuver slippery corners in the alley’s or lanes, and to protect our Public Works Department from injuries.    

Commercial Garbage Collection Schedule:
Regular Commercial Bin Collection - Mondays
Additional Commercial Tips - Fridays
The Town provides a wide variety of waste containers based on your volume needs.  We offer bins and dumpsters for permanent and temporary waste usage. You can arrange to have your waste picked up on a regular schedule, for a specified period or number of tips.
Rates & Fees
Waste Collection Fees:  
Residential (3 bags max)  $12.50 per month
Commercial (6 bags max)  $25.00 per month
Additional Garbage Bag Tags  $ 1.00 Each available at the Town Office
Bin Rental Fees:  
3-yard Bin $23.68 per tip with a monthly bin rental fee of $10.00 
4-yard Bin $31.57 per tip with a monthly bin rental fee of $12.00
6-yard Bin $47.36 per tip with a monthly bin rental fee of $15.00
14-yard construction bin $30.00 per tip with a daily bin rental fee of $5.00
  $30.00 per tip with a weekly bin rental fee of $30.00
  $30.00 per tip with a monthly bin rental fee of $100.00