Parks & Pathways


Anderson Park


Located east on Main Street


Centrally located to downtown, Anderson Park is accessible to every resident. The presence of a diverse, developed green space promotes an active and healthy lifestyles for people of every age.  The picturesque, well maintained park, amphitheater and concession enhances the appeal of Three Hills. The attraction of new residents and increased visitor traffic, improves the local economy and long term sustainability of Three Hills and area.


Features: Amphitheatre, Concession & Gazebo available for special occasions. Bathrooms, picnic tables, water feature, walking trails & ample green space.



Elks Campground Play Park


Located on 2nd Street N (Hwy 583) next to the Museum.


This state of the art play park was constructed in 2015 with the assistance of the assistance of the Elks, Provincial Grants and numerous local sponsors.


Features: Modern play park with pour-n-play rubber, restrooms, picnic tables, ball diamonds and kitchen available for rent.



Grantville Park


Located on 3rd Street N


This cozy residential park is a great location for a family picnic or a children's play date.


Features: Play equipment, picnic tables, benches 





Kinsmen Park


Located on the corner of 1St Avenue E and 5th Street S


Kinsmen Park is a great place for some touch football or frisbee.  Plenty of green space is available for sports and fitness.  This is a great place for families to spend the afternoon and let the children run.


Features: Tennis Courts, outdoor skating rink, play park, picnic tables, baseball back stop & ample green space.







Memorial Park


Located between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue E


Home of the Town of Three Hills Cenotaph, this beautiful little park is a nice quiet place to sit and reminisce on loved ones lost.  Perfectly situated close to Downtown, Memorial Park is a great place to sneak off to for lunch or coffee.


Features: Picnic tables, benches and a walking path.





Southview Park  


Located on 11th Street S


One of Three Hills youngest parks, this play park and green space is located on the south most subdivision in Three Hills.  A great place for children of all ages to play catch, enjoy the play park or kick a ball around.


Features: Play park, benches & ample green space 




Tower Play Park


Located on 2nd Street N (Hwy 583) next to the Rob Naylor Splash Park


This state of the art playpark was constructed in 2015 with the assistance of numerous local sponsors.


Features: Modern play park with pour-n-play rubber, conveniently located next to the arena, aquatic center and splash park.



Walking Trails & Pathways


Located along 1st Avenue E, 2nd Street N (Hwy 583), 11 Avenue E , 6 Avenue E & Anderson Park


The Town of Three Hills has constructed over 4 km of trails throughout the community for recreational and leisure use.


Seasonal:  All trails will be closed for the winter with the exception of the pathway adjacent to 2nd Street N.  Snow removal along Anderson Park’s perimeter will commence once all other pathways and sidewalks are completed.  Anderson Parks interior pathways will be cleared during the festive season while the parks Christmas light display is on.