2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan


Town council was elected in October 2017 with a mandate focused on making our community viable and sustainable. As a council, we created a new understanding of what success looks like for the Town of Three Hills over the course of the next few years. The plan you will see on the next pages comprises our vision for what that change is all about. 

This document outlines how we approached our high-level planning for the town and then developed a set of goals that will help us be successful. Because we have set out a lot of work for ourselves, we identified a smaller set of high priority strategies that will guide our work in the short term and keep us on track to achieve these goals.  

The environment around us is always shifting, and we know that we will need to revisit this plan from time to time; however, this plan gives us the best chance at making Three Hills even better over the course of this council’s term and will help us keep moving forward towards a common goal.   

We invite you to review this strategic plan, and we are always interested in your thoughts and comments.  Sincerely; 

Mayor Tim Shearlaw and Town Council 


This four-year strategic plan identifies the work ahead for your Town Council. We have chosen to look 20 or 25 years into our future to identify what success will look like at that point. On the road to that success, Council has chosen to focus on setting goals for the next four years.  

What appears in this plan is a set of goals, which when achieved, will give us the best possible chance for Three Hills to provide a sustainable future for everyone who moves here, lives here, works here, and plays here. 

There are activities which the Town’s Administration will undertake that are in addition to what appears in this plan. Administration’s actions will support and augment the vision and goals that council has expressed as its priorities. 



Council is looking towards the future of Three Hills. When doing so, it is important that we agree on what the final destination looks like. With this in mind, Town Council has decided on the town’s ideal long-term future (Vision) and the general direction it will take to achieve that future (Mission). 


"Three Hills has a strong sense of community. People choose Three Hills because it has what they need. They remain because it has what they want." 

A town’s vision provides a long-term picture of where or what the community wishes to be or become. The vision also indicates what makes Three Hills unique. 


"To provide quality services for a safe, clean, and vibrant community in which business, education, and residents can interact for the benefit of all." 
A town’s mission answers a question about what ‘business’ the community is in. It lets you know what Three Hills does and who benefits. 

This mission statement was created based on key ideas about how to achieve the Town’s vision. 


The values expressed here are the guiding principles that help determine how the Town will operate, both publicly and privately. These values become a lens through which Town Council will make decisions. 

  • Leadership 
  • Partnership 
  • Respect 
  • Transparency 


What appears below are the five pillars upon which this Strategic Plan is based: 

  • Providing Good Governance 
  • Building the Economy 
  • Protecting our Environment 
  • Celebrating Cultural Diversity
  • Encouraging Social Interaction 

Within each pillar, Town Council has set itself a series of goals for the duration of this strategic plan. Achieving these goals will help us achieve our vision and keep our commitment to the community for decades to come. 

The goals below are within the realm of Council’s governance role. The examples listed are ways the town will achieve our goals. These examples will often be carried out by Town Administration since they are working on achieving the town’s vision on a daily basis. Council expects that Town Administration will also have their own management plans to help achieve council’s goals.   

Council has chosen a set of near-term priorities that exist within the full list of goals below. As work on these goals progresses, council will regularly re-evaluate the priorities over the life of the strategic plan.