Boards and Committees

Committees are an important part of decision making in the Town of Three Hills.  Both citizens and Councillors sit on various committees that oversee a variety of groups and activities.  

 2017 - 2018 Council Appointment to Boards, and Committees

This is your chance to have a positive impact in your community by volunteering for a Council committee or board. Committees of Council represent various civic interests and mandates and are an important part of good governance of our community, and contribute to the prosperity and sustainability of Three Hills. 

If you are interested in participating on a Council Committee, please fill out the  Application for Appointment to Boards and Committees and return to the Town of Three Hills. 


Economic Growth Committee

The Economic Growth Committee is mandated to advise on Council’s Economic Growth Strategy under the Sustainable Growth Strategy in fulfilling the objectives of the Town of Three Hills Integrated Sustainability Plan (ISP).

The Economic Growth Committee is authorized to;

  • Advise Council on ways and means for fostering the Town’s economic growth within a framework of sustainable growth that considers, these other lenses of sustainability: built infrastructure, social and cultural wellness, community-engaged governance, and environmental stewardship.
  • Advise Council on the relevance and effectiveness of Council’s Sustainable Growth Strategy and Economic Growth Strategy, and make recommendations.
  • Develop specific plans, budgets, and timelines for responding to the goals and objectives around economic growth stated in the Economic Growth Strategy.
  • Coordinate its activities with the other sub-committees of Council relating to sustainable growth.
Municipal Planning Commission

By Bylaw 1407-17, the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) was established, and consists of five members. The MPC advises council with respect to achieving the orderly, economical, and beneficial development, use of land and patterns of human settlement and to maintain and improve the quality of the physical environment within which the patterns of settlement are situated in the Town.

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

Subdivision & Development Appeal Boards (SDAB) hear appeals from municipal subdivision and development authorities.  Its decisions are based on the evidence presented to it during a public hearing. If an interested person disagrees with a decision on a development application, a decision on certain subdivision applications or the issuance of a stop order, he or she may file a notice of appeal with the board.  This notice triggers a hearing before the board. 
Three Hills Memorial Community Centre Society

The Community Centre Advisory Committee is an advisory committee to Council. The Committee will be directed by the majority vote of its members. Make recommendations to Council with respect to: function; governance; and finances of the Three Hills Community Memorial Centre.