Other Area Attractions

Acme Golf Club (30 min drive from Three Hills)



East of Acme on Hwy 575 to RR 255 (p) 403-546-4020


The  Acme Golf Course offers a variety of amenities including, driving range, practice green, catered tournaments, a licensed clubhouse, an outdoor patio and a covered barbeque area.


Bleriot Ferry, Kneehill County (30 min from Three Hills)



East on Hwy 27, South to Hwy 873 and East on Hwy 838


Along the North Dinosaur Trail, there is a section of the road that has the Red Deer River running through it. Instead of building a bridge and a road, Andre Bleriot built a small ferry.


Carbon’s Farmers Exchange Museum (20 min drive from Three Hills)


Photo courtesy of N*A*S*H photo

414 Caradoc Avenue, Carbon (p) 403-572-2331


The museum highlights an area rich in coal mining, ranching, and farming history. Make sure you see the 1921 Carbon Murders Mystery display (one of the oldest unsolved murders in Canadian History). 


Dry Island Buffalo Jump, Kneehill County (30 min drive from Three Hills)



East on Township Road 344 from Highway 21


 Dry Island Buffalo Jump is situated along the Red Deer River and features Badlands topography. Stay the day and enjoy hiking, fishing and day use picnic areas.


Good Knights Medieval Encampment - Deluxe Immersive Experience (5 Min drive from Three Hills)


10 km South of Three off of Highway 21


 Good Knights offers guests a deluxe, medieval-themed Glamping experience – all ready for your stay!  Themed tents, period costumes, activities, daily breakfast & entertainment!


Gopher Hole Museum, Torrington (20 min drive from Three Hills)



208 1 Street South, (p) 403-631-2133


Planning a vacation to beautiful Alberta? Every year since 1996 thousands of tourists have stopped by the  Gopher Museum to marvel at the things gophers can do. Open Seasonaly.


Horseshoe Canyon, Kneehill County (35 min drive from Three Hills)



North on Township Road 284 from Highway 9


The Canyon is a horseshoe shape, that gives you an unbelievable view of the badlands.  The trail starts at the roadway into Old Baldy Campground. It climbs along an abandoned road through open fields and mixed forests.


Orkney Lookout, Kneehill County (30 min drive from Three Hills)



South on Highway 837 from Highway 27


The valley views consist of rolling coulees, hoodoos, grasslands, birds and the Bleriot Ferry crossing. All are best viewed with a set of binoculars.


Trochu Arboretum (12 min drive from Three Hills)



622 North Road, (p) 403-442-2111


Stroll through an  Arboretum in Trochu filled with trees, shrubs and flowers grown and exhibited for scientific and educational enjoyment.


Trochu & District Museum (11 min drive from Three Hills)


315 Arena Ave, (p) 403-443-2220


Open seasonally Monday to Saturday (or by appointment)

Come by and enjoy displays featuring our history from 1900s French settlers to the demolition of one of our grain elevators just last year.



Trochu Golf Course (12 min drive from Three Hills)



101 Devilder Ave, (p) 403-442-2747

The  Trochu Golf and Country Club boasts some of the best greens in Alberta, along with a layout that will challenge golfers of all walks of life.