Councillor Ray Wildeman

Now that the Municipal Election has passed, I am excited by the challenges that lie ahead for me as I join Town Council.

Three Hills is a diverse, small community that attracts a variety of people for a variety of reasons. This diversity brings with it a number of challenges that are not always transparent.  I am a self- employed small business owner who sees many issues through a different lens than some of my peers, and I think that my perspective could help to bring renewed vitality to issues that continue to be important for Three Hills.  Running a small business in Three Hills since 1991 has enabled me to interact with most of the residents and business owners in town for these last 25 plus years, and I have gotten to know many more through volunteering and participating in local events and activities.  I enjoy curling, golfing, swimming, hockey, Cruise Weekend, Scrabble, camping and volunteering when I can.  

On a more personal note, my wife Lori and I have two children, a son and a daughter, both of whom attended school from K- Grade 12 here in Town.  My son (and daughter-in-law) has recently returned to Three Hills to take on a significant role in our family business, where we both work as Journeyman Carpenters building a variety of custom items for local and County residents and businesses.  Our daughter is nearing completion of a Masters Program at the U of A, and always enjoys coming back to her roots here in Three Hills.  A multi-generational Three Hills impact is becoming a reality for us.

As a Past President of the Three Hills Golf Club, I oversaw managerial transitions, helped to shape Club Policy on many fronts, and interacted with both employees and players, all the while balancing delicate budget and fiscal policy issues.

I have sat on the Three Hills Municipal Planning Commission for the last four years, and I think that my participation on this Committee has helped lead me into this decision to run for a seat on Council.  I hope to take the some of the knowledge I have learned in this role and use it to help represent all of us through these next four years.

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