Our Three Hills - 2020 - 2022 Strategic Priorities


As we enter a new era – an era that is stimulating and challenging – it is more critical than ever that we, as a community, find new ways to address the opportunities and challenges that this new era will bring. Equipped with a new vision for the future, we, as the Council of the Town of Three Hills, will seek collaborative, responsive and innovative ways to grow and promote our community as a place for all to live, work and play.

Through Our Three Hills, Council will put into action the ideas and decisions that will bridge the vision of our Town to life. It will detail the programs, services and projects that make Three Hills an attractive, vibrant place to live, grow a business, raise a family, get an education, pursue new ideas and visit.


The "Our” in Our Three Hills has been used to demonstrate our commitment as Council to our residents, regional partners, local stakeholders and the community as a whole. Our commitments to the community guide our hearts and our minds as we navigate this roadmap.


As Council, we will:

  • Integrate our ideas, knowledge and efforts to provide the best possible services;
  • Strive for innovation, excellence and continuous improvement;
  • Be accountable and helpful because we care about how people experience the services we provide; and
  • Convey our purpose and alignment through safe and trusted spaces where we are free to do our best work.

As we continue to work for our citizens, lead by example, achieve positive results and act fiscally responsible, we hope to implement and enhance policies and services that align with the Town’s current and future demands and opportunities.

We invite you to review these strategic priorities and let them serve as a reminder that this is OUR Three Hills and we will thrive together.





"We strive to attract and retain businesses, organizations, and residents through progressive and innovative solutions"

Our vision statement describes the kind of community we intend to build. Its purpose is to guide our current and future direction and decision making.



 "Providing quality services for a safe, clean and vibrant community in which businesses, organizations, and residents can prosper."

Our mission statement describes our purpose to help provide focus and direction in achieving our vision.